What is RebuildMyChurch.org?

RebuildMyChurch.org is a site dedicated to providing international online conferences held in November and March every year, and monthly a monthly webshow designed to support, train, inspire, and challenge Youth Ministers.

The rebuildmychurch.org leadership team wanted to create a space for the open sharing of vibrant ideas about how we can rethink, rework, and rebuild the way we serve our communities.  We are committed to removing as many hurdles as possible in allowing people to engage in these experiences. The conferences are free so that anyone, regardless or resources, can attend, they have a mix of high level theory and practical skill, and the presenters hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in the English Speaking Church. Plus it is all online. Watch from home, work, your computer, or cell phone and interact live with Youth Ministers from around the globe. These are the only youth ministry events you can go to in your pajamas.

Our main hope in this space a space is to unleash the passion we all have for the young church and to have an open dialogue about what works, what doesn’t work, what needs to change, and what we need to reclaim.